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Janson Geisha

Our Award Winning 100% Premium Geisha Arabica
Agtron 85 

Light Roast

Geisha is an Arabica varietal that has attained world wide recognition for Panama as one of the finest of premium coffees. It is considered the “Champagne of Coffees”. Geisha has an extraordinary character with aromas of jasmine, citrus flavors, and a touch of honey. The Janson’s are proud to offer this rare hand-selected and micro-roasted coffee for your delight!



Alpes Special Reserve

Janson Geisha Natural Reserve

Geisha Arabica Reserve Harvests

Agtron 90

Light Roast

Only our best reserve lots are processed “naturally” in small amounts. Our finest hand selected geisha varietal is dried with the skin and pulp on. The bean is dried inside of the fruit. Special attention and labor are needed to produce this rare coffee. Processing the coffee “naturally” gives it a fruity aromatic flavor and maximizes the sweetness.

Very rare and very good!‬




Janson Geisha

Coffee Cherry Tea, Te de Cascara

(sun dried on drying screens)


 Our Coffee Cherry Tea is made from the hand selected skins of the fruit of Janson Geisha. It has a sweet floral essence mirroring the flavor of hibiscus. Coffee Cherry Tea is a potent
antioxidant tea and has a small amount of caffeine. The Jansons present this rare
Geisha Coffee Cherry Tea for your wellness indulgence.

We also process Coffee Cherry Tea made from the Natural processing method of the Geisha Coffee Cherry’s. This has a very clean smooth sweetness!


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Janson Family Coffee

100% Premium Arabica Coffee
Agtron 72 

Medium Roast

This 100% arabica specialty coffee has been grown, processed, and roasted on our small family farm in the volcanic highlands of Panama. We start with the best traditional processing methods including sun drying to produce this excellent coffee. We then hand select only premium beans and micro-roast in limited quantities to ensure only the freshest beans make it to your cup.



Janson Del Fino

100%  Highland Arabica
Agtron 62 

Dark Roast

Janson Del Fino is an excellent 100% Highland Arabica coffee processed and micro-roasted on The Janson Coffee Farm in Volcan, Panama.


Growers Notes :


Region : Volcan

Varietal : ” Geisha “, Catuai, Bourbon, Caturra

Farm : Janson Coffee Farm

Altitude : 1450 -1750 meters

Farmers : The Janson Brothers

Roast : Ranging 90 – 62


Janson Coffee Farm


Coffee Definitions :


 Agtron Point System

The agtron point system for roasted coffee defines the degree of the roast of a coffee. The agtron machine measures the roast by grading the color of the bean being tested. With a light roast having a higher number than a dark roast.

For example; light roast = 85 agtron points and a dark roast = 55 points.



Color Spectrum

The color spectrum refers to the range of color in a given coffees roast. A light color signifies a light roast and a dark color a longer roasted coffee.



Natural Processed Coffee

A natural processed coffee is sun-dried with the pulp and skin still on. No machines are used in the drying process.



Washed Processed Coffee

A wet processed coffee utilizes water and machines to remove the skin and the pulp of the coffee before drying.



Coffee Lots

A coffee Lot is defined by the date and location in which the coffee is picked during the harvest. Any given location can have different lots depending on the first, second, third batch harvested. Generally the first lots are not as good as the last because the last batch harvested has been the one to most slowly mature adding density.



Janson Coffee Farm 

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