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Carl Janson, a Swedish pioneer of the Chiriqui Highlands, purchased the family farm in the early 1940’s after falling in love with Volcan and the surrounding valley. The area reminded him of his native country. Carl married Margaret Peggy Calhoun and together they raised a family of 10 children. Carl opened the first automated dairy farm in Panama, imported Brangus cattle, and different breeds of horses. He also imported largemouth bass and the bluegill fish from Florida making sure to preserve the natural richness of the land for future generations.


Janson Coffee Property

Today, the Jansons represent three generations living and working on the family run farm. The farm hosts and breeds the Peruvian Pasos and Pintos horses. The Janson’s superior Brangus and now Angus cattle operations have evolved over the last 50 years into specialized high-end genetics and embryo transfers.


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The Jansons celebrate how exceptional the growing conditions are for fine arabica coffees on the farm. The farm has rich volcanic soil, an ideal micro-climate, and is located at the perfect altitude. The “Geisha” arabica varietal thrives here!

Coffee operations onsite include a full service coffee shop with an event space and an extensive plant nursery. The coffee processing plant (beneficio) and roasting facilities use artisan methods and the best technology to achieve the perfect cup.


 The Janson Coffee Farm is an agro-tourism destination. Lagunas Adventures is a family run tour company that showcases The Farm. They give coffee tours and host other activities in and around Las Lagunas, the highest lakes in Panama.


Janson Geisha Baby PlantsThe Janson Coffee Farm is a marque destination of Western Chiriqui. Whether visiting for the exceptional vistas of Volcan Baru from the Coffee Shop, coming for the world class birding, or touring with Lagunas Adventures, you are sure to enjoy your experience.

The Jansons are proud to be recognized for their gourmet arabicas and award winning Geisha Coffee.


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Environment & People


Janson Coffee Farm is sustainably run. Mountain spring water is used for the washed processing method and managed with an eco-conscience mentality. We use the coffee cherry pulp, add enzyme microorganisms to compost and then use that byproduct to fertilize the farm. We also make Cascara Tea from the pulp. The second skins of the coffee, called parchment, are used to fuel our driers (guardiolas).

Conservation is a focus for all farm operations. Examples are microclimate management, soil and water conservation, and reforestation projects. We believe in recycling.

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Work on the farm is year round. Opportunities are abundant. We provide housing and have a food and clothing co-operative, providing healthcare and educational funding, and offer day care and summer camps. The Jansons have grown and evolved sharing in work opportunities and bettering quality of life.



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